Things to Look For When Hiring A Home Inspector

As a homebuyer, you need to know the ins and outs of the condition of your house you’re investing in. To get your home examined thoroughly, it’s essential to hire a home inspector to carry out this inspection. A home inspector will assess all the aspects of your home and open your eyes to current and potential hazards such as open and loose wiring, plumbing leaks, cracks in the walls, and other problems. This will help you chalk out a plan to get these issues fixed to get your home functioning effectively, or even back out of the deal before you make the purchase.

Unfortunately, not all home inspectors possess the qualities that are required to inspect a home thoroughly and present a comprehensive report. To help you look for an inspector who will provide you with unbiased opinions and facts about the house you wish to purchase, here’s a list of the top five things to look for when hiring a home inspector.

1. Experience
Ensure that the home inspector you’re hiring is accredited and has a copious amount of experience. A seasoned inspector will have worked with several clients, and this will have honed their skills, giving them an edge over unpracticed home inspectors. You can rest assured that an experienced inspector will inspect your house thoroughly.

At Gotsch Inspections, LLC, our Certified Professional Inspectors (CPI) are accredited through InterNACHI, the trade organization for home inspectors. Our inspectors are licensed and insured in the state of Maryland, and each brings their unique past professional experiences to Gotsch Inspections. Before the home inspection business, Chris was trained and skilled in over fifteen years of licensed experience in the home improvement and construction industries. This allows him to see your home through a different set of eyes than the usual home inspector. Wayne has over forty-five years of environmental experience, including fifteen years as a State of Maryland Environmental Enforcement Inspector and over thirty years as a Maryland Licensed Environmental Health Specialist.

2. Offering a full line of services
Look for a home inspector who offers a full line of home inspection services, including pre-sale inspection, radon inspection, termite inspection, water quality inspection, chimney inspection, etc. This will save you time and money as you can rely on one inspector to thoroughly inspect each and every aspect of your home.

Gotsch Inspections, LLC is a full-service inspection firm. We strive to make the home inspection process a breeze by coordinating all your inspection needs. From the general home inspection to mold, well and septic, chimney, and much more. We will schedule all tests, handle any necessary communication, provide timely reports, and answer any questions along the way. Let us take away some of the stress during the home inspection process.

3. Excellent customer care coordinators
Excellent customer service is the backbone of any profession. Businesses that focus on customer satisfaction deliver top quality service and work relentlessly at solving their customers’ problems. If a home inspection firm promises exemplary customer service and implement it, they’re the right choice.

At Gotsch Inspections, LLC, our office staff are available until 9 pm, seven days a week. Dawn and Lindsay try to make each and every home buyer and agent feel comfortable and knowledgeable about the home inspection process and the services we offer. If you are unsure about what inspections you need or the importance of them, just ask. We are always available and happy to help.

4. Easy scheduling
Are your home inspectors willing to work according to your schedule? Will they let you pick a date and time? Will they allow you to be present while the inspection is taking place? Seek answers to these questions before finalizing your home inspector.

Did you know that you can schedule your inspection on our website at Gotsch Inspections, LLC? If you find it easier to use your phone or computer to schedule an inspection rather than calling the office, you can do just that. Just click “Schedule Now” and provide as much detail as possible about the property and pick from the available inspection types, date, and time. Either Lindsay or Dawn, our Customer Care Coordinators, will call you back shortly to gather any extra details, answer any questions, and confirm the inspection.

5. Other services
Before hiring a home inspector in haste, check whether they offer supplementary services. Learn more about their additional services. Ask them how long they take to deliver the reports after the inspection has been completed.

At Gotsch Inspections, LLC, we offer same day, easy to read reports with images. Additionally, we also provide electronic repair addendums and save your time. We use a unique pricing tool to save time and money during negotiations. Besides, we offer inspection options such as annual, walk and talk, rental, re-inspections, and more.

If you’re looking for a full-service home inspector who can provide you with premium home inspection and additional inspection services in Sykesville, MD, reach out to Gotsch Inspections, LLC. We’re a team of qualified, experienced, and proficient home inspectors who will provide you with competent home inspection services, including general home inspection, radon inspection, termite inspection, swimming pool and spa inspection, infrared thermal inspection, mold inspection, chimney inspection, water quality inspection, pre-sale inspection, new construction inspection, and well and septic inspection. Our quality inspection and our comprehensive report ensure that our clients feel safe and comfortable at home. We provide our services to clients across Central Maryland and areas including Anne Arundel County, Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Carroll County, Frederick County, Howard County, Montgomery County, and Prince George’s County.

To learn more about the services we offer, please click here. To get in touch with us, please click here.

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