Ensure You Don't Lose Out on Your Home Sale

Get a pre-sale inspection in Ellicott City & Sykesville, Maryland

You're closing in on a buyer for your home when suddenly...they find something wrong with the house that you weren't aware of. Now, they have leverage and are trying to negotiate you down on your home's listed price. Don't get stuck in this scenario-have Gotsch Home Inspections, LLC complete a pre-sale inspection and take away that negotiating tool. Our inspectors will examine all of your home's components to ensure they are fully operational and aren't damaged. If we find any signs of potential damage, we'll alert you right away, so you can get it fixed before a potential buyer gets wind of the situation.

Take action by calling Gotsch Home Inspections, LLC to schedule your pre-sale inspection.

Comprehensive pre-sale inspection services in Ellicott City & Sykesville, MD

Gotsch Home Inspections, LLC will make sure there's no surprises in store when it's time to negotiate closing costs with your home's new owners. Our highly trained professionals will thoroughly inspect every inch of your property to ensure it is in the advertised condition. We'll examine your home's:

•Electrical system
•Mechanical systems, and more

No matter how big your property is, our inspectors will provide a quality pre-sale inspection. Contact Gotsch Home Inspections, LLC of Ellicott City to learn more.