Well And Septic Inspection Sykesville

Well & Septic Inspection Services in Maryland

Gotsch Inspections, LLC offers inspections that will keep your home safe and detect potential issues before they become full-blown problems.

What you can’t see, won’t hurt you right? Not when it comes to your well and septic systems. Don’t wait for unseen issues to arise.

Although you may think your new well and septic system is in good condition, you should consider having these systems inspected by a professional before purchasing the home.


Gotsch Inspections, LLC, Maryland’s Full Service Inspection Firm provides our clients two septic inspection options:

Standard Septic System Inspection includes the following:

  • Checks water levels
  • Checks water flow from the house to the tank
  • Inspects the pump, floats and alarms
  • Looks for cracks in the tank
  • Use county records to determine if absorption area is functioning
  • And more


Camera Septic System Inspection includes everything from the Standard Inspection as well as:

  • Excavates back end of tank and exposes distribution box when accessible
  • Uses a fiber optic camera to view and record front and back of plumbing lines
  • A detailed map, dimensions, and video of the inspection provided



A Well Yield test determines how many gallons of water per minute the well produces. By running the water from the well and measuring the water in consistent intervals, we can learn many things; if the pump and pressure tank are in working condition, if the well is running dry, how much water sits in the reserve, and if the home owner would need to stretch the time between running water such as showers, laundry, washing dishes, etc.

Gotsch Inspections, LLC, Maryland’s Premier Inspection Firm provides our clients the following Well Yield test options.

  • Modified, 1 Hour Yield Test 
  • 3 Hour Yield Test
  • Baltimore County requires a specific 3-6 hour Well Yield test.


Gotsch Inspections, LLC can coordinate your inspection today with our trusted, certified and professional partners to provide you with a thorough inspection and detailed report.

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